Located in the parish of Cachopo, Tavira’s council, in Serra do Caldeirão the Centros de Descoberta do Mundo Rural (Rural World Discovery Centres) of Casas Baixas, Feiteira and Mealha are ideal places to observe the landscape of inland territory, to get to know the lifestyle of their population and discover the heritage built by successive generations over millennia.

Built during the 60’s and abandoned over the 80’s due to the decreasing number of local children, the old elementary schools have been recovered and transformed into support units to environmental tourism in rural areas by Tavira’s council.

The pedestrian trails have been outlined around the Centros de Descoberta do Mundo Rural. Each centre has two bedrooms with six beds, one living room with tv and video, toilets, equipped kitchen and solar panels for water heating. . In the outer space with a garden enclosed by low walls, there is a dining area with a grill, tables and benches.