The typical cuisine of the parish of Cachopo presents itself with various dishes and sweets.
As main dishes we can highlight chickpea stew with chispe, cabbage and beans with pig’s ear and head, migas (bread pudding) with rojões (seasoned pieces of pork loin), maize meal porridge, salad of chopped tomato and cucumber, gazpacho, rooster giblets, roasted young goat in clay pot, young goat giblets, hare stew, fried rabbit, partridge broth.
There are a huge variety of sweets, such as: butter cookies, rotten cake, honey cake, doughnuts with honey, lemon or orange sponge cake, fried biscuits with brown sugar syrup and cinnamon, French toast and round candies served in orange leaves.
There are also products that are traditionally homemade like arbutus brandy, homemade bread, chorizo and honey.
These dishes can be tasted at the Cachopo´s Crafts Fair that happens every year in the second weekend of May.


The principal activities of handycrafts today in the parish of Cachopo are connected to confectionary and bread; lace; floral arrangements; wool and cotton articles, linen and cotton weaving, white woods, bagasse, fig and arbutus brandy .

Fairs and Pilgrimages

St. Stephen Fair – takes place on 26th December in Cachopo.
Cachopo Craft’s Fair – takes place in the second weekend of May.
Cachopo Annual Fair – takes place on the second Sunday of August.
Cachopo Monthly Market – takes place on the third Sunday of each month.