Mountain Tales

One cannot fail to warn the pedestrian to the magic and charm of the Algarve, because these mountains, valleys and streams were the scene of major battles and stories some more romantic and other more tragic, that survive perpetuated in the memories of the people of the mountains passing orally from generation to generation.

Going through the mountains’ bumpy paths, think about the story of don Almendo, which on a fine day of hunting in the mountains of the Serra do Caldeirão was surprised by nightfall in an isolated place. In this same place, found a princess who had been enchanted by the Moors until someone would pass by and break the spell. Don Almendo falls in love with the princess and decides to take her with him, but first he will have to fight with a moor that hangs around guarding the princess and that way prevent the spell to be broken.

In the population’s imaginary under each great rock there is a hidden treasure guarded by an enchanted Moorish princess. We invite you to observe and reflect about what would be the best spot to serve as hideout for the enchanted Moorish princesses and their treasures.

On the mornings of Saint John’s day, according to a legend it’s possible to see in the bottom of a well, little green shoes that belong to an enchanted Moorish princess. We invite the pedestrian to figure out which well would be a good hideout for the enchanted Moorish princess that looks for her lost shoes and keeps emeralds. For safety reasons we do not advise to look inside the wells.

When contemplating the night and the moonlight through the Centros de Descoberta do Mundo Rural windows or when you have your meals at the tables in the garden, it’s the ideal time to remind the sad story of the crying old fox, convicted to wander through mounts and valleys, villages and cities of Algarve in search of her lover just because she had disobeyed to Allah, she was cursed and from a beautiful Moorish girl she has become a terrible creature. We leave the advice to who might hear the crying old fox to stay indoors.

Lastly, the tale tells that Cachopo was once a huge estate and that it was the prince Don Miguel that has marked and divided the land by the people.