The pedestrian trails and the “Centros de Descoberta do Mundo Rural” are located in the parish of Cachopo.

Cachopo means boulder afloat where the waves burst. In 1535 it had the designation of Cachopo Valey, which leads us to conclude the possible existence of a cluster housing named Cachopo. But the history in this place is much older, something that we can conclude by the existence of traces such as Masmorra and Pedras Altas dolmens, megalithic monuments from the IV – III millennia BC.

There are several places where the Islamic occupation is evident. One of those places is Cerro dos Mouros where you can find traces of a castle form the Islamic period (century X – XI) which suggests it was the former Cachopo. Larache is another of those places where you can find the remains of walls that possible date from the Medieval Islamic period. And also, the Bernalflor Castle that it is a fortification from the medieval Islamic period (811-1250).

Finally, we have “Currais da Valeira”, which are no less than a set of stone stockyards from the Medieval / Modern time.