Pedestrian Trails

Pedestrian trails overview map

Completing a pedestrian trail on the surrounding territory of Centros de Descoberta do Mundo Rural of Casas Baixas, Feiteira and Mealha, besides being an excellent exercise, one can be continually surprised by the discovery of elements and symbols left by communities over the millennia. At each step little details such as constructions, artisanal agricultural technologies, landscapes and lost stories in between mounts and valleys.

So pedestrians can fully enjoy this immense territory, ten discovery trails had been marked. One of them is composed by large routes (GR) and the other nine by small routes (PR). These circuits take advantage of old paths used by the inhabitants in their daily routines, such as the transportation of cereals to the windmills or water-mills, to go to the vegetable plots or even to go to Cachopo, as a helpful shortcut to the mailman…

From each departure point one can find several trails adapted to your needs, short journey trails ideal for beginners or families with children (PR2, PR5 and PR8), medium journey trails with intermediate difficulty level (PR3, PR6 e PR9) and long journey trails for experienced pedestrians (PR1, PR4, PR7 and Grande Rota wich is made of three long journeys).