Discovery Route

GR 23 – 45 km – Discovery route

This trail is done in three stages: Mealha – Casas Baixas (12 km); Casas Baixas – Feiteira (17 km); Feiteira – Mealha (16 km); the pedestrians can spend the night in each one of the “Centros de Descoberta do Mundo Rural”.

Casas Baixas – Feiteira trail goes across areas of great environmental resources, granting wide horizons over the wide horizons over the cork oak woods, this being the predominant landscape at the heart of Caldeirão. Casas Baixas to Feiteira map

In Feiteira – Mealha trail, wavy rockrose fields as well as new pine and holms plantation can be observed. It’s the ideal trail to contemplate the bird fauna. Feiteira to Mealha Map

The connection Mealha – Casas Baixas goes through three water streams and passes by old windmills and also Masmorra dolmens. Mealha to Casas Baixas Map