Departing from Feiteira

PR 4 – Cerros de Sobro’s trail – 16 km

Going northwest of Feiteira, this trail shows altitude diverging between 300 and 540 m and crossing over some cities with outstanding landscapes. In Ribeira de Odeleite it is possible to make picnics and also to notice large arbutus groves.

PR4 – Cerros de Sobro trail Map


PR 5 – Reserva’s trail – 6 km

It starts at the Feiteira’s Discovery Center and runs through the hunting reserve. It is a trail with rich landscapes and birdlife.

PR5 – Reserva trail Map


PR 6 – Malhanito’s trail – 9 km

It develops to the northwest of Feiteira through cork and cork oak landscapes. From the top of Malhanito (540m), you can enjoy the panoramic surroundings. Later on, in the riverside of Leitejo, there are pleasant places for picnics.

PR6 – Malhanito trail Map