Departing from Mealha

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PR 7 – Vale das Hortas’ trail – 13.5 km

This trail proceeds to west of Mealha. It passes through Corte João Marques and Vale das Hortas. It continues all along Ribeira da Corte. Here the colourful of the vegetation is displayed: the rockrose, the new pine and holms plantation and, in the valleys next to the mounts, the olive groves, the orchards, the little vegetable plots.

PR7 – Vale das Hortas trail Map


PR 8 – Masmorra’s trail – 6 km

It proceeds to northwest of Mealha and increases up to the 350m. From here we can see the neighbourhood agglomerates and the wavy mountain. At the dolmens one can have a snack and observe the surrounding landscape.

PR8 – Masmorra trail Map


PR 9 – Pedras Altas’ trail – 8.5 km

At Mealha, we go across an area of typical haystacks and we continue towards Pedras Altas dolmens. From here we can enjoy a superb panorama. Carrying on through the dam we arrive at Redonda. Here, nearby the water-mill, we can have a snack and have some rest.

PR9 – Antas das Pedras Altas trail Map